Picture of Langley Hall 2021 Hardback Yearbook

Langley Hall 2021 Hardback Yearbook

Langley Hall Primary Academy Yearbook 2021 Hardback Leavers Yearbook

Product description

This Yearbook is being printed, sold and distributed from the UK. 

Designed online on our www.yearbookprinting.co.uk ASK Yearbooks website by the Langley Hall Primary Academy 2021 Yearbook Team. 

48 page A4 Premium Gloss Laminated Hardback Yearbook printed on 160gsm Fully FSC Certified Sustainable Satin paper.

The small print ... the products above are being sold to you on behalf of Langley Hall Primary Academy by ASK Online, we print these for Langley Hall Primary Academy and as part of our design and print service and offer their print products for sale in our online print-on-demand shop to their supporters and can fulfil/distribute/post orders worldwide on their behalf.

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